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A benediction on a sick man

1Gods, give him all that earth hath best with bodily strength and
   happy fate.
  Agni and Sūrya grant him life, Brihaspati give him eminence!
2Bestow thou life on him, O Jātavedas. Store him with future
   progeny, O Tvashtar.
  Send him, O Savitar, full growth of riches. Let this thy servant
   live a hundred autumns.
3May this our prayer bring strength and goodly offspring. Give,
   both of you one-minded, strength and riches. p. a56
  Let him with might win fields and victory, Indra! setting beneath
   his feet the rest, his rivals.
4As Indra's gift, by Varuna instructed the fierce one came to us
   sent by the Maruts.
  Let him, O Heaven and Earth, rest in your bosom. Let him not
   hunger, let him not be thirsty.
5Ye twain endowed with vigour, grant him vigour. Ye who are
   rich in milk, give milk to feed him.
  These twain have given him vigour, Earth and Heaven, and all
   the Gods, the Maruts, and the Waters.
6With health-bestowing drops thine heart I comfort: all-bright
   again, and undiseased, enjoy them.
  Drest in like robes let these two drink the mixture, wearing
   the Asvins' form as an illusion.
7Erst Indra, wounded, made this strengthening portion, eternal
   food: thine is it, here presented.
  With this live full of vigour through the autumns. Let not thy
   strength be drained. Leeches have helped thee.

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