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p. a61


A prayer accompanying an animal sacrifice

1May this, of all the beasts that Pasupati rules, Lord of animals,.
   quadruped and biped,
  Come, purchased, to the sacrificial portion. May growth of
   wealth attend the sacrificer.
2Loosing the seed of future-time existence, give good success, O
  Gods, to him who worships.
  May what is present, duly brought, the victim, go to the deities'
   beloved region.
3Those who are looking, deep in meditation, on the bound ani-
   mal with eye and spirit
  To them, the first, may Agni, God, give freedom, rejoicing in his
   creatures, Visvakarman.
4Tame animals of every shape, though varied in colour, manifold.
   alike in nature
  To them, the first, may Vāyu, God, give freedom, Prajāpati.
   rejoicing in his creatures.
5Let those who know receive before all others the vital breath
   proceeding from the body.
  Go to the sky. Stay there with all thy members. By paths which
  Gods have travelled go to Svarga.

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