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A prayer for vengeance on a malicious rival worshipper

1The spacious Firmament, and Earth and Heaven, the Field's
  Queen, and the wonderful Wide-Strider,
  Yea, the broad middle air which Vāta guardeth, may these now
   burn with heat while I am burning.
2Listen to this, ye Gods who merit worship. Hymns here are sung
   for me by Bharadvāja.
  Bound in the noose may he be doomed to trouble whoever mars
   this that our mind hath purposed.
3Hear this my call, O Indra, Soma-drinker, as with a burning
   heart I oft invoke thee.
  I smite, as 'twere a tree felled with a hatchet, the man who
   marreth this my plan and purpose.
4Together with thrice-eighty Sāma-singers, Angirases, and Vasus,
   and Ādityas,
  May the felicity of the Fathers guard us. I seize that man with
   fire that Gods have kindled. p. a45
5O Heaven and Earth, regard me with your favour, and, all ye
  Gods, stand on my side and help me.
  Angirases, Fathers worthy of the Soma! woe fall on him who,
   caused the hateful outrage!
6Whoever either scorns us, O ye Maruts, or blames devotion
   which we now are paying.
  Let his own wicked deeds be fires to burn him. May Heaven
   consume the man who hates devotion.
7Thy sevenfold vital breath, thine eight marrows I rend away
   with prayer.
  With Agni as thine envoy, go, prepared, to Yama's dwelling
8In Jātavedas kindled flame I set the place assigned to thee.
  Let fire consume thy body, and thy voice go to the general

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