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p. a46


A youth's Investiture ceremony (godānam)

1Strength-giver, winning lengthened life, O Agni, with face and
   back shining with molten butter,
  Drink thou the butter and fair milk and honey, and, as a sire
   his sons, keep this man safely.
2For us surround him, cover him with splendour, give him long
   life, and death when age removes him.
  The garment hath Brihaspati presented to Soma, to the King, to
   w rap about him.
3Thou for our w eal hast clothed thee in the mantle: thou hast
   become our heifers' guard from witchcraft.
  Live thou a hundred full and plenteous autumns, and wrap thee
   in prosperity of riches.
4Come hither, stand upon the stone: thy body shall become a
  The Universal Gods shall make thy life a hundred autumns
5So may the Universal Gods protect thee, whom we divest of
   raiment worn aforetime.
  So after thee, well-formed and growing stronger, be born a
   multitude of thriving brothers.

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