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p. a47


A charm to banish vermin and noxious creatures

1Forth from the hall the bold, the sharp, the greedy one, the
  Sadānvās, and all progeny of Chanda we exterminate.
2We drive you forth from cattle-shed, from axle, from within the
  Ye daughters of Magundi, we frighten and chase you from out
3Yonder let the Arāyis dwell, there where that house is down
  Let utter indigence and all the Yātudhānis settle there.
4May Bhūtapati drive away, and Indra, the Sadānvās hence.
  Let Indra with his bolt quell those who sit upon our dwelling's
5Whether ye be of farm and field, or whether ye be sent by men,
  Or be ye sprung from Dasyu race, vanish, Sadānvās, and begone.
6I have gone round their homes as runs a fleet-foot racer round
   the post,
  And in all races conquered you. Vanish, Sadānvās, and begone.

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