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A benediction on homeward coming cattle

1Let them come home, the cattle that have wandered, whom Vāyu
   hath delighted to attend on,
  Whose forms and figures are well known to Tvashtar. These cows
   let Savitar drive within this stable.
2Let the beasts stream together to this cow-pen. Brihaspati who
   knoweth lead them hither!
  Let Sinivāli guide the foremost homeward. When they have
   come, Anumati! enclose them.
3Together stream the cattle! stream together horses and the
  Hitherward press all growth of grain! I offer sacrifice with mixt
4I pour together milk of kine, with butter blending strength and
  Well sprinkled be our men, as true to me as cows are to their
   herd! p. a53
5Hither I bring the milk of cows, hither have brought the juice
   of corn.
  Hitherward have our men been brought, hitherward to this
   house our wives.

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