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p. a34


A charm to ensure success in gambling

1Lord of the World, divine Gandharva, only he should be
   honoured in the Tribes and worshipped.
  Fast with my spell, celestial God, I hold thee. Homage to thee!
  Thy home is in the heavens.
2Sky-reaching, like the Sun in brightness, holy, he who averts
   from us the Gods' displeasure.
  Lord of the World, may the Gandharva bless us, the friendly
  God who only must be worshipped.
3I came, I met these faultless, blameless beings: among the
  Apsarases was the Gandharva.
  Their home is in the sea—so men have told me,—whence they
   come quickly hitherward and vanish.
4Thou, Cloudy! ye who follow the Gandharva Visvā-vasu, ye,
  Starry! Lightning-Flasher!
  You, O ye Goddesses, I truly worship.
5Haunters of darkness, shrill in voice, dice-lovers, maddeners of
   the mind
  To these have I paid homage, the Gandharva's wives, Apsarases.

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