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p. a33



Glorification of the prime cause of all things

1Vena beholds That Highest which lies hidden, wherein this All
   resumes one form and fashion.
  Thence Prisni milked all life that had existence: the hosts that
   know the light with songs extolled her.
2Knowing Eternity, may the Gandharva declare to us that highest
   secret station.
  Three steps thereof lie hidden in the darkness: he who knows
   these shall be the father's father.
3He is our kinsman, father, and begetter: he knows all beings
   and all Ordinances.
  He only gave the Gods their appellations: all creatures go to
   him to ask direction.
4I have gone forth around the earth and heaven, I have approached
   the first-born Son of Order.
  He, putting voice, as 'twere, within the speaker, stands in the
   world, he, verily is Agni.
5I round the circumjacent worlds have travelled to see the far-
   extended thread of Order.
  Wherein the Gods, obtaining life eternal, have risen upward to
   one common birthplace.

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