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A charm to ensure long life and glory to the wearer of an amulet

1This Ornament of Gold which Daksha's children bound, with
   benevolent thoughts, on Satānïka,
  This do I bind on thee for life, for glory, for long life lasting
   through a hundred autumns.
2This man no fiends may conquer, no Pisāchas, for this is might
   of Gods, their primal offspring.
  Whoever wears the Gold of Daksha's children hath a long
   lengthened life among the living.
3The light, the power, the lustre of the Waters, the strength of
  Trees, and all their forceful vigour,
  We lay on him as powers abide in Indra: so let him wear this
  Gold and show his valour.
4With monthly and six-monthly times and seasons, with the full
   year's sweet essence do we fill thee, p. a32
  May Indra, Agni, and all Gods together, showing no anger, grant
   thee what thou wishest.

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