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A prayer to Agni for protection

1Half-years and seasons strengthen thee, O Agni, the years, and
   all the Verities, and Rishis! p. a39
  Flash forth with thy celestial effulgence: illumine all four regions
   of the heavens.
2Kindle thee, Agni, and make this man prosper: rise up erect
   for high and happy fortune.
  Agni, be those uninjured who adore thee, and may thy priests be
   glorious and no others.
3These Brāhmans have elected thee, O Agni: be thou propitious
   in our sacred chamber.
  Slayer of rivals, Agni, quell our foemen: watch in our house
   with care that never ceases.
4Seize, Agni, on thy power and firmly hold it: contend thou with
   the Friend by way of friendship.
  Placed in the centre of our fellows, Agni, flash forth to be
   invoked by kings around thee.
5Past those who slay, past enemies, past thoughtless men, past
   those who hate,
  Yea, Agni, hear us safe past all distresses: give thou us opulence
   with men about us.

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