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A glorification of the office of a king's household priest

1Quickened is this my priest rank, quickened is manly strength
   and force,
  Quickened be changeless power, whereof I am the conquering
2I quicken these men's princely sway, the might, the manly
   strength and force;
  I rend away the foemen's arms with this presented sacrifice.
3Down fall the men, low let them lie, who fight against our
   mighty prince,
  I ruin foemen with my spell, and raise my friends to high estate.
4Keener than is the axe's edge, keener than Agni's self are they,
  Keener than Indra's bolt are they whose Priest and President am I.
5The weapons of these men I whet and sharpen, with valiant
   heroes I increase their kingdom. p. a89
  Victorious be their power and ever ageless! May all the Gods
   promote their thoughts and wishes.
66Let their fierce powers, O Maghavan, be heightened, and upward
   go the shout of conquering heroes.
  Apart and clear, let shout and roar and shriek and lamentation
  Let the Gods led by Indra, let the Maruts with our army go.
7Advance and be victorious, men I Exceeding mighty be your
  Smite with sharp-pointed arrows those whose bows are weak.
  With your strong arms and weapons smite the feeble foe.
8Loosed from the bowstring fly away, thou Arrow, sharpened by
   our prayer.
  Assail the foemen, vanquish them, conquer each bravest man of
   theirs, and let not one of them escape.

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