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A prayer for riches and general prosperity

1This is thine ordered place of birth whence sprung to life thou
   shinest forth. p. a90
  Knowing this, Agni, mount on high and cause our riches to
2Turn hither, Agni, speak to us, come to us with a friendly mind.
  Enrich us, Sovran of the Tribes! Thou art the giver of our
3Let Aryaman vouchsafe us, wealth, and Bhaga, and Brihaspati,
  The Goddesses grant wealth to us, Sūnritā, Goddess, give me
4We call King Soma to our aid, and Agni with our songs and.
  The Ādityas, Vishnu, Sūrya, and the Brāhman-priest Brihaspati.
5Do thou, O Agni, with thy fires strengthen our prayer and.
  Incite thou us, O God, to give, and send us riches to bestow.
6Both Indra here and Vāyu we invoke with an auspicious call,
  That in assembly all the folk may be benevolent to us, and be
   inclined to give us gifts.
7Urge Aryaman to send us gifts, and Indra, and Brihaspati,
  Vāta, Vishnu, Sarasvati, and the strong courser Savitar.
8Now have we reached the ordering of power, and all these
   worlds of life are held within it.
  Let him who knows urge e'en the churl to bounty Give wealth.
   to us with all good men about us.
9May heaven's five spacious regions pour their milk for me with
   all their might.
  May I obtain each wish and hope formed by my spirit and my
10May speech that winneth cows be mine. With splendour mount
   thou over me.
  May Vāyu hedge me round about May Pūshan make me pros-

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