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p. a91


In honour of fire in all shapes, to appease Agni of the funeral pile and to quench the flames of cremation

1All Fires that are in water and in Vritra, all those that man and
   stones contain within them,
  That which hath entered herbs and trees and bushes—to all
   these Fires be this oblation offered.
2That which abides in Soma and in cattle, that which lies deep in
   birds and sylvan creatures,
  That which hath entered quadrupeds and bipeds—to all these
  Fires be this oblation offered.
3The Fire that rideth by the side of Indra, the God Vaisvānara,.
   yea all-consuming,
  Whom, as the victor, I invoke in battles—to all these Fires be
   this oblation offered.
4The all-devouring God whom men call Kāma, he whom they
   call the Giver and Receiver,
  Invincible, pervading, wise, and mighty—to all these Fires be
   this oblation offered.
5To thee, strength-giver, glorious, rich in pleasant strains, whom.
   in their minds the thirteen creatures of the world,
  And the five sons of man regard as Hotar-priest—to all these-
  Fires be this oblation offered. p. a92
6To him who feeds on ox and cow, sage, bearing Soma on his
  To all Vaisvānara's followers—to these be this oblation paid.
7All fiery flames that follow after lightning, flashing o'er earth,
   through firmament and heaven,
  All that are in the wind and skyey regions—to all these Fires be
   this oblation offered.
8The golden-handed Savitar and Indra, Brihaspati, Varuna,
  Mitra, and Agni,
  The Angirases we call, the Visve Devas: let them appease this
  Agni, Flesh-devourer.
9Flesh-eating Agni is appeased, appeased is he who hurteth men.
  Now him who burneth every thing, the Flesh-consumer, have I
10The mountains where the Soma grows, the waters lying calm and
  Vāta, Parjanya, Agni's self have made the Flesh-consumer rest.

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