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p. a79


A benediction on a newly built house

1Here, even here I fix my firm-set dwelling; flowing with fatness
   may it stand in safety.
  May we approach thee, House! with all our people, uncharmed
   and goodly men, and dwell within thee,
2Even here, O House, stand thou on firm foundation, wealthy in
   horses, rich in kine and gladness.
  Wealthy in nourishment. in milk and fatness, rise up for great
   felicity and fortune.
3A spacious store, O House, art thou, full of clean corn and
  Let the young calf and little boy approach thee, and milch-kine
   streaming homeward in the evening.
4This House may Savitar and Vāyu stablish, Brihaspati who
   knows the way, and Indra.
  May the moist Maruts sprinkle it with fatness, and may King
  Bhaga make our corn-land fruitful.
5Queen of the home! thou, sheltering, kindly Goddess, wast sta-
   blished by the Gods in the beginning.
  Clad in thy robe of grass be friendly-minded, and give us wealth
   with goodly men about us.
6Thou Pole, in ordered fashion mount the pillar. Strong, shining
   forth afar, keep off our foemen.
  House! let not those who dwell within thee suffer. Live we with
   all our men, a hundred autumns.
7To this the tender boy hath come, to this the calf with all the
  To this crock of foaming drink, hither with jars of curdled
8Bring hitherward, O dame, the well-filled pitcher, the stream
   of molten butter blent with nectar.
  Bedew these drinkers with a draught of Amrit.
  May all our hopes' fulfilment guard this dwelling.
9Water that kills Consumption, free from all Consumption, here
  I bring.
  With Agni, the immortal one, I enter and possess the house.

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