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p. a80


A benediction on a newly cut water channel

1As ye, when Ahi had been slain, flowed forth together with a
  So are ye called the Roaring Ones: this, O ye Rivers, is your
2As driven forth by Varuna ye swiftly urged your rolling waves,
  There Indra reached you as you flowed; hence ye are still the
3Indra restrained you with his might. Goddesses, as ye glided
  Not in accordance with his will: hence have ye got the name of
4One only God set foot on you flowing according to your will, p. a81
  The mighty ones breathed upward fast: hence; Water is the name
   they bear.
5Water is good, water indeed is fatness. Agni and Soma, truly,
   both bring water.
  May the strong rain of those who scatter sweetness come helpful
   unto me with breath and vigour.
6Then verily, I see, yea, also hear them: their sound approaches
   me, their voice comes hither.
  Even then I think I am enjoying Amrit, what time I drink my
   fill of you, gold coloured!
7Here, O ye Waters, is your heart. Here is your calf, ye holy
  Flow here, just here, O mighty Streams, whither I now am lead-
   ing you.

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