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p. a99


A charm to change the ill-omened birth of twin calves into a blessing

1This cow was born to bring forth offspring singly, though they
   created kine of every colour.
  When she produces twins in spite of Order, sullen, with groan
   and grudge she harms the cattle.
2She brings destruction on the beasts, turned to a flesh-devouring
  Yes, give her to the Brāhman that she may bring luck and
3Be thou auspicious to our folk, bring luck to horses and to kine.
  Auspicious unto all this farm, bring luck and happiness to us.
4Let there be rain and increase here, here be thou most munifi-
  Mother of twins, prosper our herd.
5Where, having left all sickness of their bodies, the pious lead, as
   friends, their lives of gladness
  Nigh to that world approached the twin calves' mother. Let her
   not harm our people and our cattle.
6Where lies the world of those dear friends, the pious, those who
   have brought due sacrifice to Agni
  Nigh to that world approached the twins calves' mother. Let her
   not harm our people and our cattle.

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