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The Hymns of the Atharvaveda

Book IV

tr. by Ralph T.H. Griffith


Hymn 1: Cosmogonical and mystico-theological doctrine
Hymn 2: To the unknown God
Hymn 3: A Charm against tigers, wolves, thieves and other noxious creatures
Hymn 4: A charm to restore virile power
Hymn 5: A lover's sleep-charm
Hymn 6: A charm to make a poisoned arrow harmless
Hymn 7: A charm to make a poisonous plant innocuous
Hymn 8: A benediction at the consecration of a King
Hymn 9: A charm addressed to a precious ointment for safety and wealth
Hymn 10: A charm accompanying investiture with an amulet of shell
Hymn 11: A glorification of the sacrificial gharma or milk caldron
Hymn 12: A charm to mend a broken bone
Hymn 13: A charm to restore a sick man to health
Hymn 14: Accompanying the sacrifice of a he-goat
Hymn 15: A charm to hasten the coming of the rains
Hymn 16: On the omnipresence and omniscience of Varuna
Hymn 17: A charm to secure freedom from various evils
Hymn 18: A counter-charm against the incantations of enemies
Hymn 19: A counter-charm and charm to secure general protection.
Hymn 20: A charm for the acquisition of superhuman powers of sight
Hymn 21: Glorification and benediction of cows
Hymn 22: A benediction on a newly consecrated king
Hymn 23: Magnification of Agni and prayer for his protection
Hymn 24: A hymn of prayer and praise to Indra
Hymn 25: A hymn of prayer and praise to Vāyu and Savitar
Hymn 26: A hymn to Heaven and Earth
Hymn 27: A hymn to the Maruts
Hymn 28: A hymn to Bhava and Sarva
Hymn 29: A hymn to Mitra-Varuna
Hymn 30: A glorification of vāk or speech
Hymn 31: A hymn to Manyu or Wrath
Hymn 32: A hymn to Manyu
Hymn 33: A prayer to Agni for protection and prosperity
Hymn 34: Glorification of the Vishtāri sacrifice
Hymn 35: Magnification of the Odana or oblation of milk and rice
Hymn 36: A charm against fiends, human enemies, and other pests
Hymn 37: A charm against Gandharvas and Apsarases
Hymn 38: A charm for success in gambling
Hymn 39: A prayer to various deities for health, wealth, and prosperity
Hymn 40: A charm against rival worshippers