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p. a125


A charm to secure freedom from various evils

1We seize and hold thee, Conquering One! the queen of medi-
   cines that heal.
  O Plant, I have endowed thee with a hundred powers for every
2Still conquering, banishing the curse, mighty, with thy reverted.
  Thee and all Plants have I invoked: Hence let it save us! was
   my prayer.
3She who hath cursed us with a curse, or hath conceived a
   murderous sin,
  Or seized our son to take his blood, may she devour the child
   she bare.
4What magic they have wrought for thee in dish unbaked or
   burnt dark-red,
  What they have wrought in flesh undressed,—conquer the
   sorcerers therewith.
5Ill dream and wretchedness of life, Rākshasa, monster, stingy
  All the she-fiends of evil name and voice, we drive away from
6Death caused by famine, caused by thirst, failure of children,.
   loss of kine,
  With thee, O Apāmārga, all this ill we cleanse and wipe away.
7Death caused by thirst, death caused by stress of hunger, loss at
   play with dice,
  All this, O Apāmārga with thine aid we cleanse and wipe away.
8The Apāmārga is alone the sovran of all Plants that grow.
  With this we wipe away whate'er hath fallen on thee: go in

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