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p. a120


Accompanying the sacrifice of a he-goat

1The Goat was verily produced from Agni. Through sorrow he
   beheld, at first, his father.
  Through him at first the Gods attained to godhead, and, meet
   for sacrifices, were exalted.
2Bearing in hands seethed viands, go with Agni to the cope of
  Reaching the sky that touches heaven, mix with the company of
3From earth's high ridge to middle air I mounted, and from mid-
   air ascended up to heaven.
  From the high pitch of heaven's cope I came into the world of
4Mounting the sky they look not round; they rise to heaven
   through both the worlds,
  Sages who paid the sacrifice that pours its streams on every
5First among all the deities, come forward, thou who art eye of
  Gods and men, O Agni.
  Imploring, and accordant with the Bhrigus, to heaven in safety
   go the sacrificers!
6With milk and butter I anoint the mighty, celestial Goat, strong-
   winged, and full of juices.
  Through him will we attain the world of virtue, ascending to the
   loftiest cope, to heaven.
7Set the Goat's head toward the eastern region, and turn his right
   side to the southern quarter.
  His hinder part turn to the western quarter, and set his left side
   to the northern region.
8Set the Goat's backbone upmost in the zenith, and lay his belly
   downward in the nadir; set his midportion in mid-air between
9O'er the dressed Goat lay a dressed skin to robe him prepared,
   in perfect form, with all his members.
  Rise upward to the loftiest vault of heaven: with thy four feet
   stand firmly in the regions.

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