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p. a119


A charm to restore a sick man to health

1Gods, raise again the man whom ye, O Gods, have humbled
   and brought low.
  Ye Gods, restore to life again, him, Gods! who hath committed
2Here these two winds are blowing far as Sindhu from a distant
  May one breathe energy to thee, the other blow thy fault away.
3Hither, O Wind, blow healing balm, blow every fault away, thou
  For thou who hast all medicine comest as envoy of the Gods.
4May the Gods keep and save this man, the Maruts' host deliver
  All things that be deliver him that he be freed from his offence.
5I am come nigh to thee with balms to give thee rest and keep
   thee safe.
  I bring thee mighty strength, I drive thy wasting malady away.
6Felicitous is this my hand, yet more felicitous is this.
  This hand contains all healing balms, and this makes whole with
   gentle touch.
7The tongue that leads the voice precedes. Then with our tenfold-
   branching hands.
  With these two healers of disease, we stroke thee with a soft

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