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p. a131


A benediction on a newly consecrated king

1Exalt and strengthen this my Prince, O Indra, Make him sole
   lord and leader of the people.
  Scatter his foes, deliver all his rivals into his hand in struggles
   for precedence.
2Give him a share in village, kine, and horses, and leave his
   enemy without a portion.
  Let him as King be head and chief of Princes, Give up to him,
  O Indra, every foeman.
3Let him be treasure-lord of goodly treasures, let him as King be
   master of the people.
  Grant unto him great power and might, O Indra, and strip his
   enemy of strength and vigour.
4Like milch-kine yielding milk for warm libations, pour, Heaven
   and Earth! on him full many a blessing.
  May he as King be Indra's well-beloved, the darling of the kine,
   the plants, the cattle.
5I join in league with thee victorious Indra, with whom men
   conquer and are ne'er defeated.
  He shall make thee the folk's sole lord and leader, shall make
   thee highest of all human rulers.
6Supreme art thou, beneath thee are thy rivals, and all, O King,
   who were thine adversaries.
  Sole lord and leader and allied with Indra, bring, conqueror, thy
   foremen's goods and treasures.
7Consume, with lion aspect, all their hamlets, with tiger aspect,
   drive away thy foemen.
  Sole lord and leader and allied with Indra, seize, conqueror,
   thine enemies' possessions.

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