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A charm against fiends, human enemies, and other pests

1Endowed with true strength, let the Bull, Agni Vaisvānara, burn
   them up.
  Him who would pain and injure us, him who would treat us as
   a foe. p. a146
2Him who, unharmed, would injure us, and him who, harmed,
   would do us harm,
  I lay between the doubled fangs of Agni, of Vaisvānara.
3Those who, what time the moon is dark, hunt with loud cry and
   answering shout,
  Flesh-eaters, others who would harm,—all these I overcome with
4I conquer the Pisāchas with my power, and take their wealth
  All who would injure us I slay. Let mine intention have success.
5With Gods who flee with him, and match their rapid motion
   with the Sun,
  I with those animals who dwell in rivers and on hills am found.
6I trouble the Pisāchas as the tiger plagues men rich in kine.
  They, even as dogs when they have seen a lion, find no hiding-
7Naught with Pisāchas can I do, with thieves, with roamers of the
  Pisāchas flee and vanish from each village as I enter it.
8Into whatever village this mine awful power penetrates,
  Thence the Pisāchas flee away, and plot no further mischief
9Those who enrage me with their prate, as flies torment an
  I deem unhappy creatures, like small insects troublesome to
10Destruction seize upon the man, as with a cord they hold a
  The fool who is enraged with me! He is not rescued from the

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