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The Hymns of the Atharvaveda

Book V

tr. by Ralph T.H. Griffith


Hymn 1: A glorification of Trita and Varuna
Hymn 2: A glorification of Indra
Hymn 3: A prayer to Agni, Indra, and other deities for victory and prosperity
Hymn 4: A charm against fever and other ailments
Hymn 5: A charm to mend a broken bone
Hymn 6: A prayer for protection and prosperity
Hymn 7: A charm to deprecate Arāti or Malignity
Hymn 8: A charm for the discomfiture and destruction of hostile priests
Hymn 9: A prayer to Heaven and Earth for protection and assistance
Hymn 10: A prayer to the presiding deities of the four quarters for protection
Hymn 11: A dialogue between Atharvan and Varuna
Hymn 12: An Apri or propitiatory hymn
Hymn 13: A charm against snakes
Hymn 14: A charm against witchcraft
Hymn 15: A charm for general prosperity
Hymn 16: A charm for the increase of cattle
Hymn 17: The abduction and restoration of a Brāhman's wife
Hymn 18: The wickedness of oppressing and robbing Brāhmans
Hymn 19: The wickedness of robbing or insulting Brāhmans
Hymn 20: A hymn to the War-drum to secure victory
Hymn 21: A hymn to the War-drum and various deities for victory
Hymn 22: A charm against fever
Hymn 23: A charm against parasitic worms
Hymn 24: A priest's prayer for protection and assistance
Hymn 25: A charm to facilitate conception
Hymn 26: A hymn of invitation to the gods
Hymn 27: An Apri or Propitiatory hymn
Hymn 28: A charm to ensure general protection and prosperity
Hymn 29: A charm for the destruction of malignant goblins
Hymn 30: A charm to restore life and health
Hymn 31: A counter-charm against the incantations of an enemy