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A charm to mend a broken bone

1Aryaman is thy grandsire, Night thy mother, and the Cloud thy
  Thy name is called Silāchi. Thou, thyself, art sister of the Gods.
2Whoever drinketh thee hath life: thou savest and protectest
  As nursing mother of mankind, thou takest all upon thy lap.
3Thou clingest close to every tree, as a fond damsel clasps her
   love. p. a160
  Thy name is called The Conqueror, She who Stands Fast, The
4Whatever wound the arrow, or the staff, or violence inflicts,
  Thereof thou art the remedy: as such restore this man to health.
5Thou springest from blest Plaxa, or Asvattha, Dhava, Khadira,
  Parna, or blest Nyagrodha, so come thou to use, Arundhatī!
6Gold-coloured, bringing happy fate, most lovely, brilliant as the
  Mayst thou, O Healing! come unto the fracture: Healing is thy
7Gold-coloured, bringing happy fate, odorous, hairy-bodied one,
  The sister of the Waters art thou, Lākshā! and thy soul is Wind.
8Silāchi is thy name: thy sire, O goat-brown! is a damsel's son.
  Thou hast been sprinkled by the mouth of Yama's tawny-
   coloured horse.
9Issuing from the horse's blood away she glided to the trees.
  Become a winged water-brook, and come to us, Arundhatī!

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