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A charm against fever and other ailments

1Thou who wast born on mountains, thou most mighty of all
   plants that grow.
  Thou Banisher of Fever, come, Kushtha! make Fever pass
2Brought from the Snowy Mountain, born on the high hill where
   eagles breed,
  Men seek to buy thee when they hear: for Fever's Banisher
   they know.
3In the third heaven above us stands the Asvattha tree, the seat
   of Gods.
  There the Gods sought the Kushtha Plant, embodiment of end-
   less life.
4There moved through heaven a golden ship, a ship with cordage
   wrought of Gold.
  There the Gods won the Kushtha Plant, the blossom of eternal
   life. p. a159
5They sailed on pathways paved with gold, the oars they piled
   were wrought of gold:
  All golden were the ships wherein they carried Kushtha down
   to earth.
6O Kushtha, bring thou hitherward this man of mine, restore his
  Yes, free him from disease for me.
7Thou art descended from thee Gods, Soma's benignant friend
   art thou,
  Befriend my breath and vital air be gracious unto this mine eye.
8Sprung, northward, from the Snowy Hill thou art conveyed to
   eastern men.
  There they deal out among themselves Kushtha's most noble
9Most excellent, indeed, art thou, Kushtha! most noble is thy
  Make all Consumption pass away and render Fever powerless.
10Malady that affects the head, eye-weakness, bodily defect—
  All this let Kushtha heal and cure: aye, godlike is the vigorous

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