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p. a170


A charm against snakes

1Varuna, Sage of heaven, hath given me the gift: with spells of
   mighty power I draw thy poison out.
  Dug up, not dug, adherent, I have seized it fast: low hath thy
   venom sunk like water in the sands.
2All the non-fluid portion of thy venom, I receive in these.
  I take thy middlemost, thy highest, lowest juice: may it be
   spent and lest by reason of thy fear.
3Strong is my cry like thunder with the rainy cloud: with power-
   ful incantation let thy strength be stayed.
  I, with the men to aid, have seized that juice of his; as light
   from out the gloom, let Sūrya rise on high
4I with this eye destroy thine eye, and with this poison conquer
  Live not, O Snake, but die the death: back go thy venom on
5Listen to me, Black Snakes and hateful creatures, Lurker-in-
  Grass, Karait, and Brown, and Spotty,
  Approach not near the house my friend inhabits: give warning,
   and rest quiet with your poison.
6Even as the cord that strings the bow, I slacken, as it were, the
  Of the All-conquering serpent's wrath, of the fierce rage of
  Black, and Brown, Taimāta, and Apodaka.
7And Āligi and Viligi, their father and the mother too,—
  What will ye do? Your venomed sap, we know, is utterly
8Daughter of Urugūlā, she-fiend whom the black, skinned mother
  All female serpents poison who crept swiftly near is impotent.
9Dwelling beside the mountain's slope, the quick-eared porcupine
  Of all these she-snakes homed in earth the poison is most
10Tābuva or not Tābuva, thou verily art not Tābuva: poison is
   killed by Tābuva. p. a171
  Tastuva or not Tastuva, thou verily art not Tastuva: poison is
   killed by Tastuva.

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