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A charm against witchcraft

1An eagle found thee: with his snout a wild boar dug thee from
   the earth.
  Harm thou, O Plant, the mischievous, and drive the sorcerer
2Beat thou the Yātudhānas back, drive thou away the sorcerer;
  And chase afar, O Plant, the man who fain would do us injury.
3As 'twere a strip cut round from skin of a white-footed an-
  Bind, like a golden chain, O God, his witchcraft on the sorcerer.
4Take thou his sorcery by the hand, and to the sorcerer lead it
  Lay it before him, face to face, that it may kill the sorcerer.
5Back on the wizard fall his craft, upon the curser light his
   curse! p. a172
  Let witchcraft, like a well-naved car, roll back upon the
6Whoso, for other's harm hath dealt-woman or man-in magic
  To him we lead the sorcery back, even as a courser with a rope.
7Now whether thou hast been prepared by Gods or been pre-
   pared by men,
  We, with our Indra at our side to aid us, lead thee back again.
8Agni, victorious in fight, subdue the armies of our foes!
  Back on the sorcerer we cast his sorcery, and beat it home.
9Thou who hast piercing weapons, pierce him who hath wrought
   it; conquer him.
  We do not sharpen thee to slay the man who hath not practised
10Go as a son goes to his sire: bite as a trampled viper bites.
  As one who flies from bonds, go back, O Witchcraft, to the
11Even as the timid antelope or hind from her assailant flees,
  So swiftly let the sorcery o'ertake and reach the sorcerer.
12Straighter than any arrow let it fly against him, Heaven and
  So let that witchcraft seize again the wizard like a beast of
13Let it go contrary like flame, like water following its course.
  Let witchcraft, like a well-naved car, roll back upon the

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