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An Apri or Propitiatory hymn

1Uplifted be this sacrificer's fuel: lofty and brilliant be the flames
   of Agni!
  Splendidly bright, fair-faced, with all his offspring, Tanūnapāt
   the Asura, many-handed.
2God among Gods, the God bedews the paths with fatness and'
   with mead.
3With store of mead to sacrifice comes Agni, comes Narāsansa
  Agni, friendly-minded, comes Savitar, righteous God who
   brings all blessings.
4Hither he comes with power and fatness also, the luminous,.
   implored with adoration. p. a190
5At holy rites and offerings Agni loveth the scoops: let this man
   worship Agni's greatness.
6He is the furtherer at glad oblations: there stood the Vasus and
   the treasure-givers.
7Ever the Doors divine, and all protect this worshipper's holy
8Far-reaching, ruling by the Law of Agni,
  May Dawn and Night, the holy, speeding near us, aid this our
   sacrificial ceremony.
9Celestial Hotars, with the tongues of Agni praise and extol our
   lofty ceremony, so that our sacrifice be well conducted!
10Three Goddesses upon this grass, be seated, Idā, Sarasvati,
  Mahi, and Bhārati adored with praise.
11This our nutritious genial flow, God Tvashtar! and growth of
   wealth, pour down on this man's kindred.
12Vanaspati, rejoicing, of thyself send God-ward! Let Agni, Im-
   molator, sweeten our libation.
13Pay sacrifice to Indra, Jātavedas Agni, with Hail! Let all the
  Gods accept the gifts we offer.

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