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A hymn of invitation to the gods

1In sacrifice for you may sapient Agni—All hail!—use Yajus
   texts and fuel.
2May Savitar the God—All hail!—foreknowing, chief in this
   sacrifice, employ them.
3In this great rite—All hail!—may sapient Indra use lauds,
   rejoicings, well-yoked coursers.
4Bring Praishas in the rite—All hail!—and Nivids, learned, con-
   nected, with the Consorts.
5As a dame brings her son—All hail! O Maruts, connected, in
   the rite bring measures.
6Here Aditi is come—All hail!—preparing the rite with grass and
   lustral waters.
7Let Vishnu in this rite in varied manner—All hail! use well-
   yoked steeds, his fervours.
8Let Tvashtar in this rite in varied manner—All hail!—use forms,
   his well-yoked coursers. p. a189
9Let Bhaga in this rite use prayers, foreknowing—All hail! for
   this use well-yoked coursers.
10Let Soma in this rite in varied manner—All hail!—use milk-
   streams, well-yoked coursers.
11Let Indra in this rite in varied manner—All hail!—use powers,.
   his well-yoked coursers.
12Hitherward come ye with the prayer, O Asvins, exalting sacrifice
   with cry of Vashat!
  Brihaspati!—All hail!—with prayer come hither. Here is the
   rite, here heaven for him who worships.

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