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p. a180


A hymn to the War-drum to secure victory

1Formed out of wood, compact with straps of leather, loud is the:
  War-drum as he plays the hero.
  Whetting thy voice and vanquishing opponents, roar at them
   like a lion fain to conquer!
2The fastened frame hath roared as 'twere a lion, like a bull bel-
   lowing to meet the heifer.
  Thou art a bull, thine enemies are weaklings: thine is the foe-
   subduing strength of Indra.
3Like a bull marked by strength among the cattle, roar seeking
   kine and gathering up the booty.
  Pierce through our adversaries' heart with sorrow, and let our
   routed foes desert their hamlets.
4Victorious in the battle, loudly roaring, seizing what may be
   seized, look all around thee.
  Utter, O Drum, thy heavenly voice with triumph. Bring, as a
   priest, our enemies' possessions.
5Hearing the Drum's far-reaching voice resounding, let the foe's
   dame, waked by the roar, afflicted,
  Grasping her son, run forward in her terror amid the conflict of
   the deadly weapons.
6Thou, first of all, O Drum, thy voice shalt utter: over the ridge
   of earth speak forth exultant.
  Crunching with might the army of the foemen, declare thy
   message pleasantly and clearly.
7Loud be thy roar between the earth and heaven. Swift let thy
   sounds go forth in all directions.
  Neigh at them, thunder, set in opposition, song-maker, good
   ally that friends may conquer. p. a181
8He shall send forth his voice whom art hath fashioned. Make
   thou the weapons of our warriors bristle.
  With Indra for ally call out our heroes, and with thy friends
   scatter and chase the foemen
9Resonant, roaring, with thy powerful weapons, warning, and
   heard by troops in many places,
  Knowing all rules and winning us advantage, deal fame to many
   where two kings are fighting.
10Bent on advantage, mightier, gaining treasures, victor in war,
   the spell hath made thee keener.
  As, in the press, the stone to stalks of Soma, thus, Drum! go
   dancing to our foes' possessions.
11Foe-conqueror, victor, vanquishing opponents, seeker of booty,
   mastering, destroying.
  Speak out as a skilled speaker tells his counsel, speak strength
   to us that we may win the battle.
12Shaker of things unshaken, readiest corner to battles; conquer-
   ing foes, resistless leader,
  Guarded by Indra, watching our assemblies, go quickly, breaker
   of their hearts who hate us.

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