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A charm for the discomfiture and destruction of hostile priests

1With fuel of Vikankata bring molten butter to the Gods.
  O Agni, make them joyful here: let them all come unto my call.
2O Indra, come unto my call, This will I do. So hear it thou.
  Let these exertions for the sake of Indra guide my wish aright.
  Therewith, O Jātavedas, Lord of Bodies! may we win us strength.
3Whatever plot from yonder, O ye Gods, that godless man would
  Let not the Gods come to his call, nor Agni bear his offering up.
  Come, ye, come hither to my call.
4Run, ye Fxertions, farther on By Indra's order smite and slay.
  As a wolf worrieth a sheep, so let not him escape from you
   while life remains. Stop fast his breath.
5The Brāhman whom those yonder have appointed priest, for
  He, Indra! is beneath thy feet. I cast him to the God of Death.
6If they have issued forth, strongholds of Gods, and made their
   shield of prayer, p. a164
  Gaining protection for their lives, protection round about, make
   all their instigation powerless.
7Exertions which that man hath made, Exertions which he yet
   will make
  Turn them, O Indra, back again, O Vritra-slayer, back again on
   him that they may kill that man.
8As Indra, having seized him, set his foot upon Udvāchana,
  Even so for all the coming years I cast those men beneath my
9Here, Indra Vritra-slayer, in thy strength pierce thou their vital.
  Here, even here, attack them, O Indra. Thine own dear friend
   am I.
  Indra, we closely cling to thee. May we be in thy favouring

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