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A charm for the acquisition of superhuman powers of sight

1It sees in front, it sees behind, it sees afar away, it sees
  The sky, the firmament, and earth: all this, O Goddess, it
2Through thee, O godlike Plant, may I behold all creatures that
  Three several heavens, three several earths, and these six regions
   one by one.
3The pupil, verily, art thou of that celestial Engle's eye.
  On earth hast thou alighted as a weary woman seeks her couch.
4The God who hath a thousand eyes give me this Plant in my
   right hand!
  I look on every one therewith, each Sūdra and each Āryan man.
5Make manifest the forms of things; hide not their essences from
  And, thou who hast a thousand eyes, look the Kimidins in the
   face. p. a129
6Make me see Yātudhānas, make thou Yātudhānis visible.
  Make me see all Pisāchas With this prayer, O Plant, I hold thee
7Thou art the sight of Kasyapa and of the hound who hath four
  Make the Pisācha manifest as Sūrya when he rides at noon.
8Kimidin, Yātudhāna from their hiding-places have I dragged.
  I look on every one with this, Sūdra and Aryan man alike.
9Make that Pisācha visible, the fiend who flies in middle air,
  The fiend who glides across the sky, and him who deems the
   earth his help.

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