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p. a127


A counter-charm and charm to secure general protection.

1Thou breakest ties of kith and kin, thou causest, too, relation-
  So bruise the sorcerer's offspring, like a reed that groweth in the
2Thou hast been blessed with blessing by the Brāhman, Kanva
  Thou fliest like a flashing dart: there is no fear or danger, Plant!
   within the limit of thy range.
3Illumining, as 'twere, with light, thou movest at the head of
  The saviour of the simple man art thou, and slayer of the fiends.
4As once when time began the Gods with thee expelled the
  Even thence, O Plant, wast thou produced as one who wipes and
   sweeps away.
5Thy father's name was Cleaver. Thou with thousand branches
   cleavest all.
  Do thou, turned backward, cleave and rend the man who treateth
   us as foes.
6The evil sprang from earth; it mounts to heaven and spreads to
   vast extent.
  Reverted, shaking him with might, thence on its maker let it
7For thou hast grown reverted, and turned backward also is thy
  Remove all curses far from me, keep most remote the stroke of
   death. p. a128
8Preserve me with a hundred, yea, protect me with a thousand
  May mighty Indra, Lord of Plants! give store of strength and.
   power to thee.

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