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p. a112


A benediction at the consecration of a King

1The Being lays the sap of life in beings: he hath become the
   sovran Lord of creatures.
  Death comes to this man's royal consecration: let him as King
   own and allow this kingdom.
2Come forward, turn not back in scorn, strong guardian, slayer
   of the foes.
  Approach, O gladdener of thy friends. The Gods have blessed
   and strengthened thee.
3All waited on him as he came to meet them. He self-resplendent
   moves endued with glory.
  That is the royal hero's lofty nature: he, manifold, hath gained
   immortal powers.
4Stride forth to heaven's broad regions, thou, a tiger on a tiger's
  Let all the people long for thee. Let heavenly floods be rich in
5Heaven's waters joyous in their milk, the waters of middle air,
   and those that earth containeth-
  I with the gathered power and might of all these waters sprinkle
6The heavenly waters rich in milk have sprinkled thee with power
   and might.
  To be the gladdener of thy friends. May Savitar so fashion thee.
7These, compassing the tiger, rouse the lion to great joy and
   bliss. p. a113
  As strong floods purify the standing ocean, so men adorn the
   leopard in the waters

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