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p. a134


A hymn of prayer and praise to Vāyu and Savitar

1I think on Vāyu's and Savitar's holy rites, ye twain who penetrate
   and guard the living world:
  Ye who have come to be this All's pervaders, deliver us, ye two
   from grief and trouble.
2Ye who have counted up the earth's expanses, and in the sky
   smoothed out the air's mid-region,
  Whose going-forth hath ne'er been reached by any, deliver us,
   ye two, from grief and trouble.
3Beauteously bright! men rest in thy dominion when thou hast
   risen up and hastened onward.
  Ye, Vāyu, Savitar, preserve all creatures. Deliver us, ye, twain,
   from grief and trouble.
4Hence, Vāyu, Savitar drive evil action, chase Simidā away, drive
   off the demons.
  Ye give us store of energy and power. Deliver us, ye twain,
   from grief and trouble.
5Of their own selves let Savitar and Vāyu send favourable strength
   and wealth and plenty.
  Here give us perfect freedom from consumption. Deliver us, ye
   twain, from grief and trouble.
6Ye, Savitar and Vāyu, to assist us, enjoy the hymn and the
   delightful cheerer.
  Come hither downward from the stream of blessing. Deliver us,
   ye twain, from grief and trouble.
7Like noblest benisons they have stayed in the God loving man's
  I glorify bright Savitar and Vāyu. Deliver us, ye twain, from
   grief and trouble.

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