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On the means to obtain immunity from taxation in the next world

1Freedom from hate I bring to you, concord and unanimity.
  Love one another as the cow loveth the calf that she hath borne.
2One-minded with his mother let the son be loyal to his sire.
  Let the wife, calm and gentle, speak words sweet as honey to her
3No brother hate his brother, no sister to sister be unkind.
  Unanimous, with one intent, speak ye your speech in friend-
4That spell through which Gods sever not, nor ever bear each
   other hate,
  That spell we lay upon your home, a bond of union for the
5Intelligent, submissive, rest united, friendly and kind, bearing
   the yoke together.
  Come, speaking sweetly each one to the other. I make you one-
   intentioned and one-minded. p. a102
6Let what you drink, your share of food be common together,
   with one common bond I bid you.
  Serve Agni, gathered round him like the spokes about the
   chariot nave.
7With binding charm I make you all united, obeying one sole
   leader and one-minded.
  Even as the Gods who watch and guard the Amrit, at morn and
   eve may ye be kindly-hearted.

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