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Translate Sacred-texts

The link below is to Altavista’s babelfish page.
This is a very limited on-line translation service.
To use it, click on the link below, select one of the "English to…"
choices in the drop down menu and click on ‘translate’.
You can then navigate the translated version of the site in the
large frame at the bottom of the page more or less normally.

Keep in mind that only the first 16Kb or so of each page is translated.
Since the pages are translated automatically, they will have errors in them.
Sacred-texts is not responsible for these errors, and we have no way
to correct them, so please don’t ask us to fix them.

The babelfish seems to have trouble matching link labels with their
corresponding links: the left to right links at the top of most sacred-texts
pages sometimes seem to get translated in reverse order: note that
conventionally the leftmost one in the
list is the link to the main site index.

Abuse of this service will probably cause it to go away, so please use
this only if you need to.

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