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Hold the world's wisdom in the palm of your hand with the ISTA Flash 9.0. The most comprehensive collection of books on religion, mythology, folklore, and the esoteric ever assembled. An incredible value, with over 1700 sacred books, many of which are rare and hard to find. Credits


This page has links to businesses who supply
goods or services to this website.
You can assume that we recommend them.

Unless otherwise noted, all of these businesses are in the Santa Cruz, CA
managed hosting for sacred-texts’ website.
Just one hop off the Internet backbone.
they keep sacred-texts online 24/7 with no noticable downtime.
even though the site uses hundreds of gigabytes of bandwidth a month.
They have been in business since 1989 and have hosted from its inception in 1999, scaling flawlessly as the
site traffic doubled every 18 months.
They provide excellent broadband and dialup in Santa Cruz and dialup nationally.
They also do a lot of good for the Santa Cruz community.

Mastertrack is sacred-texts’ principal
contractor for CD-ROM replication and assembly. They also do short
run Audio and CD-ROM duplication on CDR, among other things, so if you
are in a garage band and want a short stack of your demo, by all means
check them out.

University Copy Service, at 428 D Front St. Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831-458-9600), provides
book debinding and bulk scanning services for sacred-texts.
This is an independent home-town copy shop two blocks from a Kinkos,
so they deserve your support.