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The late John Bruno Hare (JBH) (“Bruno”) launched the Internet Sacred Text Archive (ISTA) in 1999, as a “quiet place in cyberspace devoted to religious tolerance and scholarship.”

Bruno, the founder of ISTA, passed in 2010 (link to JBH obituary), and a small group of volunteers continues the project, with the aims of, among other things, growing the Site and its features, adding books, adding products, and keeping the Site free to the world, forever.

In order to accomplish these goals, we rely on purchases of our products or donations.

Purchases of the ISTA Flash Drive 9.0, and donations, can be made in Stripe and/or PayPal, respectively, here (two images below, each is a link):

Donations are neither refundable nor tax-deductible. ISTA is not a formal non-profit organization, even though it does have an altruistic mission.

Questions regarding donations can be made to: We suggest a minimum of $20 (twenty dollars USD) for single donations. If monthly, we suggest a minimum of at least $5.00-10.00 (five to ten dollars USD).

In the future, we will offer monthly memberships–so stay tuned!

Every single purchase and donation contributes directly to the growth of the Site, and keeping it free to the world, forever.

We thank you in advance, and from the bottom of our hearts!

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