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The Vampires, by Istvan Csok [1907] (Public Domain Image)
The Vampires, by Istvan Csok [1907]

The Vampire Codex

Michelle Belanger

Important Note

This is the Internet Edition of the Vampire Codex. This text is copyrighted and has been donated to the Internet Sacred Text Archive by the author. For more information, please refer to the Introduction. You can also visit the author's home page at

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I. The Kheprian Charge
II. Beginnings
III. Catalysts of Change
IV. Awakenings
V. Potential
VI. Other Awakened
VII. Fledglings
VIII. The Beacon
IX. Characteristics
X. Subtle Body Changes
XI. Separateness
XII. Basic Feeding
XIII. Breath and Life
XIV. Assimilating Energy
XV. Blood and Life
XVI. Geography of the Energy Body
XVII. More on Feeding
XIX. Dreamwalking
XX. Choosing Donors
XXI. The Kiss and the Curse
XXII. Subtle Links
XXIII. Feeding Through Links
XXIV. Manipulating Links
XXV. Cautionary Notes
XXVI. The Caste System
XXVII. Priests
XXVIII. Counselors
XXIX. Warriors
XXX. Subtle Reality Basics
XXXI. Augmentation
XXXII. Subtle Perception
XXXIII. Manifesting
XXXIV. Nature of the Aura
XXXV. Perceiving the Aura
XXXVI. Energy Manipulation
XXXVII. The Energy Ball
XXXVIII. Augmented Healing
XXXIX. Advanced Healing Techniques
XLI. Shielding Techniques
XLIII. Creating Filters
XLIV. Spiritual Cleansings
XLV. Otherside Beings
XLVI. Creating Change
XLVII. Cycles
A Few Notes in Closing the Codex