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XXX. Subtle Reality Basics

Our greatest power, that which sustains us and defines us as what we are, is our ability to manipulate energy. By extending our energy beyond ourselves, we are able to manipulate the energies of others even over great distances.

First we must become aware of our own energies. We must know our subtle body, its strengths and limitations. We must have a clear picture of our subtle being in our minds so that we are better able to manipulate that subtle body to affect the world around us.

We must remember that thought is energy, and what we imagine and consciously visualize will have an effect upon the world around us. We manipulate our own energy bodies through visualization, directing our energies according to our will.

The main foci for the manipulation of energy are our mouths and our hands. The mouth and the hands are our tools. The way we manipulate these tools is through breath, visualization, and will. Our breath combines our physical and subtle bodies in a unified stream of life / air.

By inhaling in such a way as to breathe with more than just our lungs, we take energy in. By exhaling in such a way as to utilize both our physical and subtle bodies, we expel energy. Visualize the energy as light which rides upon the breath. It is a softly glowing liquid that flows around and through all things. When we breathe, we drink this in. It gathers in our center, below the heart in our Ka.

With the touch of our hands, with the kiss of our lips, or with the concentrated intent to touch over a distance, all coupled with breath, we can pull energy out of others or breathe it into them in a healing stream.

In order to more efficiently take energy out of another or to put it in, we must extend beyond breath. Using the stream of the breath as a focus, visualize a tendril of the subtle body moving toward and inserting itself into the target. Once a connection is made, the sense of it is unmistakable. Do not let doubt or worry distract you, but retain your focus on the visualization and the breath.

It is best to think of this tendril not as something which moves through ordinary space or ordinary physicality. It is powered by the breath and the breath focuses and directs it, yet it cannot be found physically in the stream of the breath. It is an extension of our wills and our imaginations, and thus exists on a level of pure energy.

Think of the world as a double-exposure. The clearest part of the photograph is the physical, material world. This is what the majority of humanity mistakes for the sum total of reality. But there is a translucent ghost-image that is layered on top of and throughout the other. In truth, they are inextricably woven together. It is this quasi-reality through which our subtle bodies move, and it is the other objects and forces in this quasi-reality that our subtle bodies interact with and influence.

Think of yourself as existing in both of these realities at once. Be aware of the material universe around you but at the same time be aware of the shadow reality that is woven throughout it. Know that you can affect and be affected by both.

In the subtle reality, the physical boundaries of things and people are not necessarily fixed. By moving parts or all of your subtle body in this aspect of reality, you can pass over great distances as if they were nothing, for in truth, here all points exist as one point. You can move inside a living body, perceiving the organs and internal functions as if they were laid open before you, down to a microscopic level.

In the subtle reality, you can see past the ordinary boundaries of things with a sense that is more impression coupled with insight. Actual physical sight is only an analogy here, a metaphor for perceiving on a deeper level. However, as you are more accustomed to physical sight, you are most likely to interpret your impressions of this aspect of reality in terms of images and vision.

You cannot only perceive things in the subtle reality, but you can influence them as well. You can take things out of a living body and you can put things in, provided the objects and forces you are manipulating have their origin in the subtle reality through which you move. These things will not be "real" in the physical or material sense, for they exist on the level of pure energy. However, if they are strong enough, they can ultimately have a tangible affect on the physical reality, for the two are merely different aspects of the same thing.

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