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XXIX. Warriors

The warrior caste in some ways may seem less powerful than even the counselors, but one of their benefits is that their true strengths are hidden. Their powers tend to manifest themselves in a very physical nature, allowing them to consciously augment their natural strength, stamina, and speed. In body, they tend to be broad-shouldered and rugged, with a natural propensity for various martial arts. They can also consciously enhance their healing so they recover almost completely from the most grievous of wounds.

Warriors are typically less sensitive to the subtle reality than either priests or counselors, although they can achieve sensitivity with effort. Mainly, this desensitized state is brought about by a thick "wall" which protects them from the energy of others. It is a kind of psychic armor that is kept in place instinctually and without any thought or effort. It may be hard to recognize the Potential in a warrior because of this armor, as it tends to keep their energy in as well as keeping other energies out. Do not mistake the wall for spiritual thick-headedness, however. Like the rocky crust of a volcano, the warrior's armor hides a volatile and immensely powerful force within. Once a warrior has learned to tap this force, they are a power to be reckoned with.

Warriors almost always excel at warcraft, having an instinctive knowledge of weapons and their handling. They are often remarkable strategists and tacticians. This results from the sum of their memories and skills gained in previous lives. This remembering can be called forth consciously, but is always present and ready to be drawn upon on an unspoken level. A warrior's inherent physical prowess tends to make him restless in this world. He can easily feel caged and oppressed by the edicts of society, and his wasted talents have a danger of spilling out into undirected aggression.

In terms of feeding, the needs of a warrior are much like those of a counselor. Casual physical contact or even long-distance draws are all they ordinarily require to fill their needs. Unlike counselors, warriors tend not to get lost in feeding for its own sake, and they are very resistant to being fed from.

An unawakened warrior tends to instinctively make use of his physical powers. Especially in times of trauma and distress, these abilities will come to him without a conscious effort. Extensive use of his latent powers will drive an unawakened warrior to feed. This process can occur unconsciously, often in a group draw, but it may serve to awaken the warrior to his true nature.

Warriors suffer from the traditional drawbacks of our kind. They are bound more strongly to the cycles than are the counselors, though they are not as limited by these cycles as the priests. They are sensitive to bright light and their reaction to food will wax and wane according to their energy levels. When their energies are very low and they do not feed to replenish them, warriors will require a greater quantity of food to sustain themselves, but this will rarely satisfy. It may even make them sick.

Of all the castes, the warriors store the greatest portion of energy. This is energy not meant to be fed from, but energy which can be directed through their Will and their rage. Although it takes a good deal to delve deep enough into the warrior to reach his hidden reserves, once this well-spring is tapped, the power and intensity of the output is immense.

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