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XXVIII. Counselors

The counselors, of all our kind, retain the strongest connection to life. Though they have access to most of the powers inherent in our kind, they suffer only mildly from our traditional drawbacks. They are less sensitive to light and the natural cycles as are the priests, and their flesh only rarely seems abnormally cold. They are also less likely to be recognized for what they are. Their subtle natures may influence their physical bodies, but such manifestations are often far subtler than those of a priest.

Counselors do not have to feed unless regularly fed upon, though they often grow accustomed to feeding upon others for the pleasure it gives. If they are ill or over-extending themselves on a subtle level, counselors will also deplete their energy enough to make feeding a necessity. Even so, they suffer only mild symptoms of withdrawal when forced to go without energy for an extended period of time. Ceasing to feed altogether is rarely debilitating to them. Once they overcome the mental and physical addiction, they can lead a relatively ordinary life, if that is their choice.

A counselor can go his entire life without awakening to his true nature. There may be hints of it and he may have access to a few subtle powers, but unless he is fed upon, he is unlikely to ever need to feed in an overt fashion. If an unawakened counselor feeds at all, it is only superficially, usually through intimate contact with friends and lovers. They can get all they need through touching or even through general non-contact draws. Even once they have been fed upon, counselors rarely, if ever, experience deep need, tending to skim energy from the surface of their partners.

Counselors are often very sensual people, as their need for energy is answered through close personal contact with others. The sensual nature of their spirit is often reflected in their physical form, so that counselors tend to be attractive in body, lithe and fine-boned. Male or female, there is a compelling, seductive quality about them that transcends gender. Many find themselves attracted to vocations of entertainment, and are gifted in music, the arts, and dance.

Counselors find it extremely pleasurable to be fed upon. Their systems adapt readily to the demands of feeding, producing energy to match the needs of their partner. Once a counselor has adapted to a regular routine of being fed from, he will grow uncomfortable when that routine is broken. Physical discomfort, mental distraction, irritability, and hyperkineticism may result from an over-abundance of energy if such a counselor is not fed from regularly.

Counselors, like priests, tend to be mentally or emotionally unstable, especially when their energy is out of balance. They also tend toward obsessiveness, especially when it comes to feeding, sensation, and pleasure.

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