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XLV. Otherside Beings

The subtle reality is immense. Because our concepts of distance and physical boundaries do not exist there, any single space may be populated by hundreds of subtle beings, resonances, and impressions. Even the most desolate, empty space here in the physical world is crawling with things on the subtle level. Some can perceive and interact with us, but most are largely too out of phase to notice anything but their own small sliver of the realm.

Most ordinary people are like the out of phase beings. They are too intent on their one small aspect of reality to respond to anything else. Yet because of our sensitive natures, we cannot help but perceive and respond to at least some of these other things, and because we exist more completely in both the physical and the subtle realities, many of these things are likely to notice and respond to us. Some of our kind find it intensely disturbing to feel and be felt by such otherworldly things.

Rarely are subtle beings interested enough in our realm to attempt to do malicious harm to anyone. Yet, all things which exist in the subtle reality feed as we do, and many of them seek out humanity as their main source of food. Just as our long-distance drains do not really harm our targets and are rarely even felt by them, so too are these preying entities rarely felt by anyone they seek out. Yet it can be very inconvenient for us to become a source of energy for another being as we do not really produce enough energy to sustain ourselves.

We should be aware of this aspect of the subtle reality, and we should hone our perceptions so that we can sense when a subtle being is present in our home. Since we can interact with the subtle as well as the physical realm, we have the ability to forcibly eject such beings from our home. Much as one would clean the house of spent energy and emotions, simply isolate the entity, reach out on the subtle level and gather it up. As a subtle being, it has little definitive form, so you will have to judge by your impressions whether you have gotten hold of it or not. Once you have hold of the thing, carry it out to the front or back door and essentially give it the boot. Toss it out of your living space and project the definite impression that you do not want it coming back. Most subtle beings seem somewhat intimidated by our kind, as we can just as easily feed upon them as they can from us, and this seems to cause them discomfort or harm.

Many subtle entities are not harmful at all, and discretion should be used when an invading being is punished by being thrown out. A certain amount of subtle traffic is always to be expected in our homes. First of all, there is the simple fact that subtle beings are all over the place. It is the nature of the subtle reality that such things occupy all spaces and no space at the same time. Yet there is also the fact that many subtle entities seem attracted to our kind. They may sense our unique energy signature, and they may be attracted out of simple curiosity. To a certain extent, we have a good deal in common with these beings, especially in the manner in which we interact with the subtle reality and feed upon energy. We certainly have a more real and palpable presence in the subtle reality than most incarnated beings.

As it is difficult to communicate with such beings except in the vaguest terms, their reasons will probably remain known only to them. Whatever the case, we should not be surprised or alarmed by their presence unless they take an active role in disturbing the sanctity of our home.

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