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XLIV. Spiritual Cleansings

Energy is our greatest resource. It sustains us, it makes us strong. It is both our weapon and our tool. It is our nature to tread the very threshold between spirit and matter. For this reason, we have a greater sensitivity to the subtle than any other physical being. However, our sensitivities are both a power and a bane. Just as we can easily affect the energies of the subtle reality, so too are we easily affected by them.

We are very sensitive to the energy of the places we live. Discarded energy and emotions flake off of people much like dust, and over time they inevitably build up in a place. A build-up of negative emotions can begin to affect us by altering our health and our mood. This is true to a certain extent of every living being, but for us the sensitivity level is excruciatingly high. We should take care in our living spaces to encourage a good flow of energy through the rooms, and to make certain that the psychic space of our houses is cleaned out once in a while.

To effect such a cleaning, simply go through the house from room to room, reaching out on the subtle level with your energy and scraping things down. Visualize extensions of your energy body literally scraping down the walls and gathering the crud out of the corners. Take care to gather this detritus together and hold it -- do not draw it into your self. When you have gone through the entire house, work toward the front or back door and throw the stuff out. Shake it off your hands, scraping it off if it seems to cling aggressively. Outside, energy flows more freely than indoors, and this negative buildup will be carried away and dissipate naturally once expelled.

Often we will unconsciously react to the subtle nature of a place, responding to the impressions we get from it without even really thinking about it. In order to promote the healthiest atmosphere for ourselves, we must take care that our living space is arranged in such a way that we respond to it positively on the subtle level as well as on the physical. Techniques like Feng Shui are crucial to our kind as even the slightest upset in the energy of a place can affect us. In the most ideal case, the space in which we live should be attuned to us, charged much like the sacred space in a temple or Wiccan circle. Many of us build our sacred space around us naturally and without thinking about it, so that the difference between our space and that of others can be distinctly felt when we visit others and when we travel.

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