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XLVI. Creating Change

Because of the way we interact with energy and the subtle reality, we are actively connected to the collective unconscious. We naturally respond to the eddies and tides of beliefs and ideas in that vast, psychic realm. With effort, we can also naturally affect those eddies and tides.

The collective unconscious exists on the level of pure energy. It has a subtle reality all its own and is a part of the greater Spiritus Mundi, the spirit of the world. All humanity influences and is influenced by the collective unconscious. It is the sum total of all their thoughts, dreams, emotions, myths, and nightmares. It is the well of inspiration and the source of creative thought.

The unawakened are unaware of the affect they have upon the collective unconscious. Nor are they aware of how it in turn affects them. It defines their beliefs, their dreams, their very perception and experience of reality.

As vampires, we are already living embodiments of a very potent archetype which lies deep in the darker regions of the collective unconscious. The nature of our vampirism is in part defined by this archetype in the collective. Our strengths, our weaknesses, and the image which we project to others is strongly influenced by the collective archetype. Paradoxically, what we are and what we have been in the past has also in part defined the shape which the archetype takes. In this we are both the creators and the creations of the archetype. Such paradox is woven throughout reality.

We can become consciously aware of our connection to the collective. Thus we can consciously choose what elements will affect us and what will not. In this way, we can shape our individual perceptions of reality.

On a more profound level, we can also consciously influence the collective. We can insert thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and set them adrift on its currents. They will circulate among the masses of humanity, occasionally surfacing in an individual's thoughts, often influencing the behavior, perceptions, and beliefs of the unawakened on a profound yet unspoken level.

In this way, we can shape the reality of others. We can subtly influence thoughts and attitudes on a world-wide scale. Such subtle manipulation is very difficult to master, and it requires an extensive awareness of the collective.

Those who seek to influence the world in this way must also be willing to be influenced in turn on an equally profound level. As an active element in a passive world, the collective will surge up and manifest through you. You will become a tool of the Spiritus Mundi. It will guide your actions so that you may bring change, destruction, and regeneration where it is needed most.

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