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XIX. Dreamwalking

Remember, we can feed through a touch, but our spirits extend far beyond the limits of our body. Long-distance draws that are just as intimate and intense as feeding flesh to flesh can be achieved.

When you are starved for energy and no opportunity to adequately sate your needs has arrived, you may find that you will send yourself out in dreams. This is much like astral travel, although it is largely an unconscious activity. You will dream of someone close to you. This can be a family member, a good friend, a current or a former lover. This person need not be located physically close to you, as the subtle reality does not know distance as we know it in the physical world. Your body may be confined to your bedroom, yet your dream-self may wander hundreds and even thousands of miles away.

The dream will seem unusually vivid. It is very likely that the dream will also be lucid, and you will realize at least in part that you are dreaming, but that this other person is somehow actually present in the dream. In the course of the dream, you will have an exchange with the target person. The exchange can be overtly vampiric, or it may manifest itself in an erotic context. The person who you have visited this way will wake up tired and worn just as if you had fed directly from them that night. Often, they will recall the dream as well, and if it is possible to compare experiences, you will find that certain elements of the dreamscape were shared by both people involved in the dream.

With practice, you will come to be able to distinguish between your ordinary dreams and these dream-walking experiences. The process does not always have to be unconscious. You may gain mastery over this ability and dream-walk at will. However it remains a survival technique inherent in the vampiric nature. Therefore, especially in periods of dire need, you may find your soul wandering regardless of your personal control.

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