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XX. Choosing Donors

In crowds or when performing a general, long-distance drain, it is nearly impossible to assure that your victims are willing. When physical contact is not involved or when the drain is weak enough, such consent is unnecessary.

However, when you feed deeply upon someone, especially through physical contact, it is advisable that you make certain your partner understands what is being done to them so that they know the risks and cannot blame you for invading their person. Lying and dissembling to someone you must be so close to will only make their reaction to you all the more violent when and if they discover your true nature.

This requires us to choose our long-term feeding partners with great care. Casual feeding is discouraged as too many partners may gossip and eventually learn what you have done to them by comparing notes. Two or three regular partners are suggested, so you may establish strong links with them and rotate them as the need arises, so no single one is exhausted by your demands.

Our partners ideally must be awake enough to understand and accept what we are or else our explanation of what we do to them will be met only with scorn and incredulity. You must carefully build a relationship up with a prospective partner, sounding out their beliefs until you feel comfortable in entrusting them with the truth of what you are. If you cannot feel comfortable in telling them what you do to them, you should not use them as a regular feeding partner.

We must select partners who are emotionally strong and mentally stable. Those who are versed in the arts of the subtle reality are preferable. The bond that we must share with someone in order to feed deeply from them is profound indeed. It encompasses all levels of being, physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional, and it can be more than most ordinary folk can safely handle. Our lovemaking and often even our casual contact touches them profoundly on a more than physical level. Even for those who have had some experience with the subtle reality, this is something they have probably never experienced before and will never experience with any partner save ourselves.

For some, this is too much. It ruins them for everything else. They can easily become obsessed with us, and especially they will become obsessed with what we can do to them. Such an obsession is unhealthy for them as well as for us. Thus, we must give our love carefully and diligently watch those whom we are close to for signs of instability so we may protect them from the destruction our nature inevitably wreaks.

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