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XXI. The Kiss and the Curse

We do not bring only pain and loss to those we feed upon. The experience of our touch on levels far deeper than the physical can be transformative to those strong enough to bear up under it.

Let others condemn us, call us evil or perverse, but let them never speak of love or an understanding of it. For we love and share with one another in way so profound that those not of our number have never imagined it before. Ours is the kissing of souls, unburdened by the limitations of physical flesh. Ours is the deepest knowing of another soul. Ours is the truest communion.

Those we feed upon experience waves of ecstasy, like riding the crest of a prolonged orgasm, though one which is not located specifically in the flesh.

Our draw is like a drug. Our partners are overcome with a soothing sensation, until they relax to their very core. They feel they are drifting in an ocean of pleasure. They are filled with a golden, melting sensation that is almost narcotic in its intensity. Our draw can bring visions and it can bring rest and sleep even to the most restless of souls. The pleasure we give is not wholly physical but occurs upon all levels, and serves to bridge the space between these levels of existence in our partners, raising them up into an apotheosis of Self. Our touch is mystical, and it changes our partners profoundly on levels they may only have imagined.

Like a drug, however, our draw can be addictive. We understand too well the overpowering desire our need inspires in us, but our partners can also come to be reliant upon the pleasure that we give to them. They can become trained to be responsive to our touch, and their physical and subtle bodies can grow so accustomed to our drain that they overproduce vitality in anticipation of having it drained away. Thus we must always take care in how often we feed from our partners, and try to guard against obsessing them with the pleasure that we give to the exclusion of all else.

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