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XVII. More on Feeding

Our energy actually pierces the subtle body of our partner and penetrates it, drawing energy out as if through a straw. Afterward, a wound is left in the aura of the partner, though this will close on its own in a few days. It can sometimes be echoed in the flesh in the form of a small rounded bruise. In the case of long-standing partners, the wound can become a permanent weak spot in the aura through which we can easily penetrate and gain access to their energy.

Generally speaking, feeding is not harmful to the partner. They have a connection to the universal force; this will replenish them in time, usually overnight. Most partners will just feel a little tired and fuzzy-headed after being fed from. Many have described it like a mild drug, something that is pleasantly mellowing. Some experience euphoria during feeding and feel they are riding intense waves of pleasure. Others can achieve an altered state of consciousness with intense dream-like visions.

Feeding partners may be a little hypersensitive to bright light afterwards and they may experience a sudden feeling of cold. They may be a little more tired than usual the next morning, and they may have a headache that is much like a hangover. However, under ordinary circumstances, these are the most severe side affects feeding will produce in a partner.

Some caution should be used when feeding from those who are not accustomed to it, however. If fed from too quickly or too deeply, the partner may experience difficulty in breathing. Irregularities in the heartbeat may follow. The partner's body will tingle all over, though this may quickly give way to feelings of numbness and cold. Some find this pleasant. To others, it is alarming. It may become very difficult for the person to move and the limbs will feel heavy and uncoordinated. In very extreme cases, the partner will experience a general depression of the entire sympathetic nervous system. This includes lowered body temperature, lowered blood pressure, slowed heart-rate, and a general lassitude which may manifest itself in extreme cases as an all-over muscular weakness and trembling or partial paralysis.

When feed from extremely deeply, it is almost guaranteed that a partner will partially or completely lose consciousness. Do not panic if this occurs. Make certain that they are in no immediate danger, and if they seem to be breathing all right, just let them sleep it off. With their connection to the universal life force, there is very little permanent damage you can do to someone by overfeeding, so long as you do not make it a habit to do so.

Consistent overfeeding will evoke in the partner symptoms similar to those which we experience during periods of starvation. The continual shortage of energy will begin to tax the immune system. They will be tired all the time, sickly and weak. They may sleep a great deal, or they may find themselves unable to actually sleep despite their overwhelming lethargy. Putting constant demands upon one partner will eventually put them in a position where their system can no longer compensate for the loss of energy fast enough to meet your needs. This is why it is always wise to have at least one other reliable source which you can feed from. The best strategy to keep you and all those close to you healthy is to have two or three partners which you feed from, rotating through them so that no single one of them must bear the full weight of your needs.

A draw can be enacted in conjunction with tantric magick. Your primary contact is made at the mouth or the throat, and a tendril is inserted into the subtle body of your partner. Through intense visualization, this tendril is guided down through your partner's subtle body to the root chakra. Here the Kundalini energy that is so crucial to Tantra lies coiled. You can grasp onto the Kundalini energy and manually pull it up through each successive chakra. Draw in only a little during this process until the drawing up of the energy is complete. Once you have brought the Kundalini through all the chakras to your primary point of contact, you will have generated an immense amount of energy from which both yourself and your partner can benefit. You and your partner will sense something like an explosion of light and energy within yourselves, followed immediately by a bursting sensation as if you had just been pushed through some barrier. This will consummate in a powerful sense of climax on the subtle level.

Feeding in this manner is very productive, as it serves to energize both yourself and your partner. Your partner will almost invariably experience a prolonged and impressive orgasm, and one may feed upon the torrent of energy that results from the climax to increase mutual stimulation. It is almost impossible to exhaust a partner when feeding from the root: whereas prolonged or deep feeding from any of the other major energy centers can cause trembling, weakness, dizziness, and an overall depression of the system, feeding from the root seems to only increase that which you feed upon. The partner, after recovering from the intensity of the drain is almost always energized and while they still feel the effects of physical exhaustion, they are driven by a fevered desire that can sustain them for hours. The process is very difficult to master, however, and if the coil of Kundalini energy slips from your grasp, you will simply end up initiating a deep feed from all the chakras in succession.

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